Home Preparation

Many buyers first impression of your property will be from the photos of the listing, and we want to catch their eye immediately!

The Shoot: The homeowner or someone authorized by the homeowner (usually the licensee) should be present to give access to the home and to discuss anything special - like what should be included or excluded in photos, any special landscaping, etc. I recommend the Licensee be available at the shoot to assess if all is acceptable - If I have to come back for a reshoot over clutter/house items, there will be a fee. The homeowner should follow these guidelines for home prep to show the property in the optimum showable condition. We want to set you up for success from the start, and a big part of that is the photos!

Exteriors: Please move your vehicle(s) out of the main view of the exterior of the home. General neatness on outdoor features, minimal clutter if possible.

Interiors: General neatness and try to reduce the clutter as much as possible! Counters (kitchen, bath) should be mostly clear. Clean off fridge magnets. Closets will not be shot unless they are large or unique, so feel free to use them as storage for the shoot!
Generally, keep in mind, that clutter and "stuff" is distracting in the photos. Less stuff = more focus on the house features.
Please have blinds up and curtains open if there is a view to be seen.
All lights (including lamps if possible) will need to be on at the time of the shoot.
Please have any items that need to be moved either moved, or help available to move them at the time of the shoot.
Turn off the TV!

Outbuildings: I will shoot exteriors of any outbuildings, but only will shoot interiors of them if requested.

Pets: Should be contained and not in photos. It is best if food/water dishes, litter boxes, crates, etc. are moved elsewhere if they would normally be in the photos (inside a closet, the garage, etc.).

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